Division of Clinical and Translational Genetics

Division of Clinical and Translational Genetics

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide advanced clinical care and genetic counseling to patients of all age groups and their families. We strive to participate in clinical research where positive outcomes could directly benefit patients.

About Us:

The Division of Clinical and Translational Genetics (Director: Mustafa Tekin, M.D., FACMG) provides state-of-the-art clinical and diagnostic in- and out-patient services for patients of all ages with genetic disorders including but not limited to inborn errors of metabolism, neurogenetic disorders, genetic syndromes, inherited cancers or with disorders in which inheritance is likely to play a major role.

The Division views itself at the nexus of clinical medicine and genetic research, where “bench meets the bedside”, providing vital expertise in the field of genomic medicine and its clinical applicability. Its responsibilities are to provide the latest in clinical care as well as diagnostic services. An integral part of the Division is the Biochemical and Molecular Genetics Diagnostic Laboratories. The laboratory offers state-of-the-art biochemical diagnostic services for a number of disorders and is an important facility for newborn infants who are diagnosed through the Florida State Newborn Screening Program.