Our Educational Programs : Four -Year Pathway Program in Human Genetics

Four-Year Pathway in Human Genetics and Genomics

The Four-Year Pathway in Human Genetics and Genomics was introduced at the Miller School of Medicine in 2005 and is the first of its kind in the United States. It was designed with the purpose of attracting a new generation of medical students from the University of Miami who have an intellectual curiosity about genetics and the role it plays in the medical specialty they choose to follow. The Pathway is administered by the Department of Human Genetics and has a steering committee which helps students in finding mentors and assists students as required as they progress through the Pathway. We have a monthly Pathway meeting in addition to the departmental Human Genetics and Genomics Seminar Series.


Simply fill in the Application form (Dates and Form Coming Soon). The Pathway Committee, which is made up of geneticists who are involved in clinics, research, or both, will then meet to select students for the PATHWAY based on information received on the application form.


  • Choose a mentor and plan a summer research project that you will work on between the first and second years of medical school. We are anticipating that there will be two summer research awards for genetics Pathway students that you may compete for. We cannot guarantee you will be selected for this award.
  • Attend 6 seminars per year on topics related to genetics or genomics in addition to monthly pathway meetings.
  • Take a genetics elective during the third or fourth year. These electives (or rotations) may be clinical or research.
  • MS-2’s must attend monthly Pathway meetings or request an excused absence. We will offer a catch up activity to be done on your own if you are not able to attend, particularly when you are on clinical rotations.
  • Present a poster or platform presentation at a medical conference – this may be to present your research or a clinical case.

In the four years of the Pathway, you are expected to accumulate a portfolio which contains a log book of Pathway meetings and requisite seminars that you attended, research project notes, at least one abstract of a clinical or research project that you have assisted with, and a final summary of your experience in the Pathway and how you may integrate this in your future career.

At the time of graduation, and dependent on the successful completion of the activities described above, you will be awarded an Honors Certificate of added qualifications in Medical Genetics & Genomics. We will also write a paragraph for your Dean’s letter describing your accomplishments.

An essential component of the PATHWAY will be a close relationship with one or more mentors. These are faculty working in genetics and/or genomics from the entire Miller School of Medicine, including but not limited to the Hussman Institute for Human Genomics. We will assist matching you with a mentor which suits your interests.

For more information, please contact Ana Lorenzo