News and Events : 2015 : August

New Faculty Member

The Department of Human Genetics recently welcomed new faculty member, Dr. Lluis Morey. Dr. Morey comes to us from the Centre for Genomic Regulation (Barcelona, Spain) where he held the position of Staff Scientist for three years in the laboratory of Dr. Luciano Di Croce. He completed his Ph.D. in Barcelona, Spain in 2008, and then joined the laboratory of Dr. Kristian Helin in Copenhagen, Denmark as a post-doctoral fellow. He has published over twenty peer-reviewed articles in which he was a first author on eight. Dr. Morey’s research interests include the epigenetic and molecular events in relation to stem cells differentiation and cancer. During his career, Dr. Morey’s publications greatly contributed to better understanding how Polycomb group of proteins control leukemia development and embryonic stem cell differentiation. He has also published important articles defining the biological and biochemical function of specific Polycomb complexes assembled during stem cell differentiation. At Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, he will focus his research in understanding the epigenetics mechanisms, and chromatin dynamics during cancer progression. His group will also identify genetic variations at epigenetic-associated genes, which might be responsible for a great variety of human disorders and diseases. Moreover, his research will include identification and characterization of new epigenetic factors associated to cancer, and how these factors may be a target for therapy.