About Us

About Us

My laboratory has made a number of important contributions over the past several years in identifying and characterizing critical mediators of epigenome. These include a number of chromatin remodeling (human NURF, CERF, WCRF/ACF) and chromatin modifying UTX/MLL3/4, JARID1d, LSD1-CoREST complexes. Importantly, the emerging roles for non-coding RNAs in epigenetic regulation and their crosstalk with chromatin regulatory complexes persuaded us to characterize the key players in the biogenesis and effector function of non-coding RNAs. We suspect that there are multiple classes of lncRNAs with cis- or trans-acting mechanisms to activate gene expression. This contention is supported by the findings that a large number of cis-acting regulatory elements (known as enhancers) produce lncRNAs (eRNAs) and some lncRNAs associate with positive epigenetic regulators.

Overall Aims of Laboratory:

Aim I. Investigate the role of eRNAs in development and disease (particularly in cancer).

Aim II. Define the mechanism of eRNAs action.

Aim III. Determine the biogenesis pathways for eRNAs and other lncRNAs.